Strengthening Its Relationship with the Hispanic Community

Redesign of nacersano, March of Dimes Spanish-Language Website
Redesign of nacersano

March of Dimes, with demonstrated commitment to the communities it serves, educates parents about critical infant health issues, funds research on the prevention of prematurity and birth defects, and advocates for the health care of babies, women, and children. The March of Dimes is a leader in the nonprofit community when it comes to developing in-language, culturally-relevant communications to further its mission. The focus of the organization’s efforts through its Hispanic outreach initiative over the years has been to provide high-quality, culturally-relevant information to Spanish-speaking women with the goal of improving outcomes and addressing disparities. March of Dimes recognizes that the Hispanic community in the U.S. is very diverse, coming from various countries of origin with different cultural predispositions and that understanding these cultural predispositions is critical to developing effective communications. As proof of this long-standing commitment, more than a decade ago, the March of Dimes created nacersano, a web and print initiative, to provide up-to-date maternal and infant health information tailored to the Spanish-speaking community. Bixal recently worked with the March of Dimes on the strategic redesign of The goal of this project was to develop a culturally and linguistically relevant, interactive online presence to achieve the March of Dimes’ goals to deepen its relationship with the Spanish-speaking community, help improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, and provide support to mission affected families.


March of Dimes


Redesign of nacersano, March of Dimes Spanish-Language Website


9 months

Key Technologies: 

User Experience, Website Architecture Redesign, Market Segment Research

Targeted Audience Analysis To prioritize the website’s content and its functional features, Bixal conducted an in-depth discovery session with the March of Dimes team. In the session, Bixal sought to understand the organization’s goals and objectives and the specific segments of the Hispanic audience they seek to engage. Bixal did a detailed analysis of the existing site’s traffic and also conducted a competitive analysis with Todobebé and BabyCenter, two popular Spanish-language websites, to compare and identify potential improvements for the redesign. Bixal also worked closely with the March of Dimes team to prepare a content inventory, which was of existing and desired subject matter to meet the needs of the Latino audience. Bixal summarized its findings and recommendations in a comprehensive draft strategy document, providing a high-level overview of the Hispanic online audience and focusing on specific characteristics and usage trends of less-acculturated Spanish-speaking segments. We also presented a summary of key findings from the data analytics review and competitive analysis, an assessment of the proposed technical platform, and a set of prioritized recommendations to guide the redesign effort. Research and data show that the Latino community over indexes in terms of use of social media and video consumption. The new site design made both of these areas more easily accessible to Latino audiences and completely differ from the design of the March of Dimes general market site.

Latina Persona Development To document the key motivations, information needs, and characteristics of March of Dimes’ principal Hispanic audiences, Bixal created a detailed and rich set of personas, based on the information collected in the discovery session and key data analytics findings, for the following groups of Spanish-speaking women:

  • Pre-conception Latina
  • Expectant Latina
  • New mom, non-mission affected
  • New mom, mission affected (prematurity or birth defect)
  • Woman (and families), mission affected (having experienced loss)

Each persona brought the March of Dimes’ primary audience segments in the Latino community to life and guided the redesign of They allowed all the decisions made regarding the design of the new site to be considered through a user-centric lens, always thinking about what each of the persona’s needs might be as we worked with the March of Dimes team to redesign the site. Based on all of the information collected, Bixal prepared a new navigation scheme and wireframes for the new site. Once the design was ready, Bixal worked with the March of Dimes design and Hispanic outreach team to populate the wireframes with actual content and messaging. 

“Bixal is the first firm that comes to mind and my ‘go to’ place when it comes to digital outreach to the Hispanic community.”
Lilliam Acosta Sanchez, Director of Hispanic Outreach

Usability Testing Bixal conducted usability testing in Spanish with a group of Latinas who represented a mix of’s personas. Testing was conducted individually using a paper prototype and a set of thirteen scenarios to complete. Using the paper prototype, participants were asked to walk through the thirteen scenarios on the new design. Bixal’s team was able to identify where users had difficulty and made recommendations to address improvements and to implement modifications prior to finalizing the design prior to final delivery to the March of Dimes for development. We also prepared detailed functional specifications to guide the development of the new site in the March of Dimes’ Open Text Content Management platform.

Impact With the new design in hand, the March of Dimes web team built the site using its content management system (CMS) and launched it in March of 2014. Since the launch, has seen substantial increases in its blog and social media channels. From 2013 to 2014, blog readership increased by 40%, Twitter followers increased by 20%, and Facebook “Likes” increased by 63%.